Referensi Belajar Sistem Rekomendasi

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Referensi Belajar Sistem Rekomendasi

A collection of resources for Recommender Systems (RecSys)

Recommendation Algorithms

Public Available Datasets

Open Sources

  • libFM - Factorization Machine Library
  • fastFM - A Library for Factorization Machines
  • LIBFFM - A Library for Field-aware Factorization Machines
  • lightfm - A Python implementation of LightFM, a hybrid recommendation algorithm
  • LIBMF - A Matrix-factorization Library for Recommender Systems
  • LibRec - A Leading Java Library for Recommender Systems
  • LensKit - Open-Source Tools for Recommender Systems
  • Surprise - A Python scikit building and analyzing recommender systems
  • MyMediaLite Recommender System Library
  • QMF - A matrix factorization library
  • proNet-core - A general-purpose network embedding framework: pair-wise representations optimization Network
  • Rival - An open source Java toolkit for recommender system evaluation
  • TensorRec - A TensorFlow recommendation algorithm and framework in Python
  • OpenRec - An open-source and modular library for neural network-inspired recommendation algorithms
  • spotlight - Deep recommender models using PyTorch.
  • Recoder - Large scale training of factorization models for Collaborative Filtering with PyTorch.

Common Evaluation Metric

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Online Courses

RecSys-related Competitions




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